Where can you find courses on health topics on the internet?

We are supporting a social project of the German association “Bon-Secours Kamerun e.V.”. This association supports hospitals in Cameroon with medical equipment, with further training of medical staff and bears the treatment costs for destitute patients.

The information is addressed on the one hand to the participants of this project and on the other hand of course to all other people who are interested in the topic of health.


edX offers a wide variety of health and medical subjects. There are free courses from major universities on on all kinds of topics. Many courses are in English, but there are also courses in other languages like French, Spanish and others. Entry is possible at any time for most courses.


coursera also offers courses on all sorts of health-topics. Enter “Health” as a search term in the search field of the page or search for specific topics that interest you. For many courses, participation is free of charge. However, Coursera also offers fee-based courses, which also allow you to obtain a degree.

MIT Open Courseware

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology also offers numerous courses on health and medicine. The courses are designed for different levels of learning, according to which you can also choose the difficulty of the course.

Mooc List

Mooc List is a provider that brings together the offers of other platforms and makes them easier to search. Here you can find offers from top universities and institutions with a wide range of topics. Most of the courses are in English, but there are also courses in French, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages like Chinese, German etc.

Online courses around medicine & health (Examples)