Learn to code by app

A great way to get an introduction to programming is the Grasshopper app. You can playfully learn programming in Javascript by yourself. Divided into many small lessons, which usually only take a few minutes, the learning can be easily integrated into everyday life. The game principle motivates you to stick with it and makes it easier to get started.

At the beginning there is some basic information about programming and you can define how often the app should remind you of the programming lessons. The first lesson starts with the task to draw the flag of a country. To do this you have to select the appropriate code snippets and put them in the right order. This can then be tried out with the “Play” button. There are always quizzes to check the learning progress.

The app comes from the internal workshop Area 120 for product experiments by Google. Grasshopper is not the first and not the only app you can learn with. It’s fun and learning is going fast and easy. Once you have played through the app Cell Phone Number Trace putty download windows , there are cooperations with Coursera and other websites for further programming courses. The Grasshopper app is available for iOS and Android on the Grasshopper website.


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