Learning provider

On the following learning platforms you can usually learn free of charge. If you want to have a certificate, fees are usually due.
Try out different platforms to find your ideal learning environment!


Codecademy offers different and well done courses around programming and software development. Codeacademy offers a number of free courses and so-called “intensive programs”. Very well suited as an introduction to the programming world. For each course there is a dedicated community that helps and supports with questions. The offer is in English.


Free language lessons in English, Spanish or French via the web or as an app.


edX is a platform used by many universities worldwide. The main topics are Computer Science, Engineering and Data & Statistics on the one hand, and Language, Business & Management and Humanities on the other.


Coursera is a general learning platform that works with world-class universities and organizations to provide online courses and universal access to the world’s best education. At Coursera, participation in any course is free of charge, but without contact with the teacher and without a certificate. A certificate is possible if you pay for the course. The payment consists of a monthly fee, which you pay for as long as you attend the course. The faster you are, the cheaper the course will be.

Free Code Camp

Comprehensive learning program to learn programming. If you participate as a learner in given projects, you can go through certifications free of charge. In the corresponding blog former learners report again and again how they found a new job by learning on freecodecamp.

Hasso Plattner Institut

Open HPI is the Mooc platform of the Hasso Plattner Institute and offers learning videos, interactive self-tests, tutorials, practical exercises and homework over the Internet to help you understand and shape the digital world.


Courses in relevant marketing topics.


iversity offers online courses in the field of higher education and further education, so-called MOOCs. There are free courses and so-called Pro-courses, which are subject to a fee.


Khanacademy is a free learning platform aimed at students of all ages, but it also has other offers. Maths, natural sciences, computers, art & social sciences and economics are the main topics. Khanacademy is available in English, but also in many other languages such as German, French, Spanish and many more.

MIT Open Courseware

Courses offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in all possible subject areas. For the courses not only are the videos to be seen, but additionally also books to be read. The courses are in English, partly also in traditional Chinese, Turkish, Spanish or Korean.


Mooc-List is a directory ofother platforms and makes them searchable. Lists and makes them searchable by Coursera, edX, OpenClassrooms and others.


openSAP offers free MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) for anyone interested in learning about the latest innovations from SAP. openSAP courses use proven training room concepts and combine these with modern and motivating learning elements and a discussion forum to create a contemporary online format. At the end of the course the courses are available in “self-paced” mode.

… and there are many more! To be continued!